This chilly morning we had quite a time.  It ended early because Bon Voyage was a hot mess this morning and entirely forgot  a section of her Q.  But no one complained about the ……Total Chaos
Thanks for playing, I love you guys!

Warm Up:  A chatty warm up got us started where we did a bunch of dynamic stretches and slow cardio to get ourselves moving.

Core: Did this at the beginning and the end of the workout.  tried for 20 of each, but 10 (HC) was realistic
1)Crunch, V(legs out for 2), Hammer 4
2)Scissors up and down
3) Side reaches (bent knees)
4) Supported L’s
5) Reverse Curls
6) Bicycle knee holds
7) Plank Knee to opposite elbow and then to same side elbow

Chaos:  The original plan was a lot of glider work with plates, but they didn’t slide very well on the sidewalk and when we tried the grass, the wetness melted the plates……. so Bon Voyage got a bit flustered and we went off the rails.  ANYWAY…… moving on.
1) One leg skaters (30 HC)
2) Skate side to side (no idea)
3) Push ups (5, slide one hand out, 5, slide other hand out)
4) Push ups (5, circle one hand, 5, circle other hand)
5) Plank with jack and knees in
Then we moved over to the ‘ice sculptures’ aka pineapples or asparagus.  There we did a bunch of random things.
1) Twisty Lunges
2) Sumo Squats
3) Twisty Sumo Combo
4) Side Plank/Plank with ???/Side plank
5) Dips
Maybe we did some cardio moves too.
We ran back to the parking garage (carport) and did the core again.