Reebok and Zeppelin teamed up for a CoQ on a beautiful winter morning at Moneypenny.   Reebok led the warm up and then we moseyed over to the hill.  We did 7’s on the hill, plank jacks at the top, burpees at the bottom.   Then we moseyed to the boathouse to use the benches.  We did 10 reps each of: Hillbilly squats, box jumps, incline push ups, tricep dips and elevated pit taps.  We completed 3 rounds before moseying back to the senior center.    Grabbed a rock and our mats and circled up for the timed rock work.  40 sec on, 20 sec rest: woodchops (40 sec each side), RDL with bent-over row, kneeling thrusters with press, bridge with tricep press and overhead lat pulls.  We did 2 rounds then carried our rocks back and circled back up for some abs.  We did 20 thread the needle, 20 bicycles and 20 heel taps.  Then finished with COT and name o rama.  Thanks coming ladies!

We may call it “people pleasing,” but it is entirely self-serving because it is really all about keeping myself comfortable. Boiled down, it could be more accurately called “me pleasing.”  – Emily P Freeman