Recycled from a Mary Lou Q with just a few changes

We circled up in the usual spot before doing an active warm up to the library deck. We were going to do a convenience store round up today. 7-Elevens, Stop-n-Goes and a Circle K.

First up: 7s

6 burpees on the first level, run up and back down a flight of stairs, 5 burpees: 2 flights, etc.

That got the blood flowing. We finished up and moseyed to the front of the Art Center for the 11s portion of our 7-Elevens.

11s: on one set of planters do 1 HC decline shoulder taps, other set of planters and do 10 dips

After that we crossed over to the corner of Academy Street for stop-n-goes:

Starting at the first light pole do 10 raggedy anns, travel (changed each time either skip, side shuffle, lunge, grapevine) to next light pole do 10 hillbillies.  We alternated like this for 8 light poles (4 of each exercise) 

That brought to a mosey back to our starting location and our mats for a circle K finisher:

30 seconds each for two rounds zero rest between exercises (total 4 minutes).

Sprinter abs left

Sprinter abs right

heel taps

kick thrus

Finished with COT and nameorama!