It was a group effort this morning. Q overslept so the Pax put together a nice on the fly workout.

Mary Lou got it started with a warm up of jumping jacks, toy soldiers, good mornings, back stretches, and arm circles.

She moseyed the group to the art center and did four rounds of a series of exercises. Rounds 1 and 2 started with bear crawl across the bricks to the stairs, do 20 HC mountain climbers on the bottom step, bear crawl up the stairs to the ramps and do inclined walking pushups down the hand rails of the ramp. Return to start.

Rounds 3 and 4 we did 10 low and slow squats, then lunge walked across the bricks, lunge walked up the stairs did 10 burpees at the top then broad jumps down the ramp. For round 4 we reversed and did our low slow squats then lunge walked to the bottom of the ramp and broad jumped up (felt safer than jumping downhill).  Did our 10 burpees at the top of the stairs then side squatted down.

Granola’s turn—she moseyed us to the fountain where we did 20 HC step ups then 20 dips. We paused to get our group photo.

Helium’s up—she had do 15 decline pushups and 10 pushups with an arm circle. After that we did 15 Bulgarian split squats on the wall.

Native took us all back to the deck and we ran the stairs to the top and back down where we did 30 American Hammers. Then we ran up to level 5 and back down for 30 LBCs. Then we ran all the way to the top again where we did 25 jumping jacks to take in the sunrise. We then moseyed down the deck back to our cars where we circled up for our COT.

Fun times and a sweet group effort to get the work done. Great job, everyone!