Warm up: squats, lunges, inch worms

The Thang

circuits 40 secs work/ 20 secs rest

second time through 10 reps each circuit while other PAX exercised ( wall sits, run pickle, glute bridges)

circuit 1

renegade row, lateral lunge squat, lateral squat dumbbell pass, dumbbell pullover/leg lowers

circuit 2 bicep curl/ reverse grip presses, slow split lunges, alternating front lunge single arm press, plank dumbbell pass

circuit 3

chest fly/ skull crushers, staggered deadlifts/ squat, dumbbell burpees, Russian twists


squat thrusters, push ups, burpees

(5reps, 6 reps, 7 reps)

bring sally up plank challenge high and low planks ( 3mins)

Name-O- Rama