We started our Workout with a Rhythmic Warmup.  They probably couldn’t feel their face when they first started but that was not the case by the end of the warm up.

Workout:  4 Circuits (3 exercises each) 45 seconds of exercise, 15 seconds of work.  Repeat each circuit 3 times

Circuit 1:

Alternating Lunge Jumps

Plank Shoulder Taps

Sumo Squats

** Run the pickle**

Circuit 2: (with weights)


Reverse Hold Rows

Arnold Press

**10 Burpees**

Circuit 3:  (with weights)

Tricep Extension


Bicep Curls

**Run the Pickle**

Circuit 4

Squat Jumps

Push Ups

Bent Over Flys



  • Legs over the weights; side to side
  • Knees in and then extend legs to one side of the the weight then to the other side
  • Big Girl Sit Ups


Name o Rama