We started with a warm up to the song Chumbawamba. When the song says “I get knocked down” you get down on your mat chest down, it the song says “I get up again” you jump back up, which ends up being a burpee :). During the other parts of the song you do cardio of choice!

after that I prepped the Pax for a 35 min AMRAP which was the following:

2 laps around the Pickle

50 Mountain Climbers (EC)

40 Jump Squats

30 Sit ups

20 Pushups

10 Burpees

You go through as Many rounds of this as you can in the time allotted

We were thankful to have some fun 90s hits to listen to during the beat down 😉

we wrapped with a few mins of 60 sec abs doing bicycle crunches, plank with hip dips and Russian twists.

after that we ended with Name O Rama and got to enjoy some some Tag a Longs from Tag a Long 🙂