Started the morning with disclaimer and then started a walking warm up, knee to chest, lunge twist, butt kickers, high knees, inchworms. Then circled up to explain the Thang:

Start an exercise and continue until 4 Christmas trivia questions are answered.  Once the questions are complete we travel to our next stop get a new exercise and answer 4 more questions.  We had 8 stops total: Heismans, dry docks, monkey humpers, plank jacks, dips, skaters, blast off push ups and hallelujahs.   Everyone did great! After the trivia was done we did 2 minutes of step ups, 2 minutes of elevated glute bridges, then a run up the stair well then 2 min wall sit.  Finished with some standing abs and our COT and name o rama.

“Hurry and love are incompatible.  Not only does hurry keep us from love, joy and peace, the very core of what all humans crave, but it also keep us from God himself simply by stealing our attention.  And with hurry we always lose more than we gain.” – John Mark Comer, The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry