We started the workout with a disclaimer and then a warm-up to a little Snoop Dog Christmas Music to get us in the Spirit.

We had a long journey ahead of us as we were charged with testing Santa’s route this am. We visited 14 countries around the world. In each country, we completed 1 min of exercises. The reindeer were resting up, so we ran from country to country covering over 2 miles.

Brazil-Brazilian crunches

US- American Hammers

Canada-Polar Bear Crawl



England-London Bridges

France-climb the Eiffel Tower (step-ups)

Egypt-Pyramid Push-ups

Kenya-sprints/fast feet

Turkey-Turkish get-ups

Nepal-Mt. Everest Mt. Climbers

China-Great Wall Jumps (jump squats)

Japan-Sumo Squats

Australia-Great Barrier Sea Turtles

We made it back to Santa just in time for Name-o-rama.

Thanks for joining me this am. As always, so nice to start my day with you all!