The Thang:

Group 1 will start at start line.  LOL!  10 Jacks then run to 1st cone and do 10 burpees. Run back to start line, 10 Jacks then run to 2nd cone and do 20 Mountain Climbers (hard count).  Run back to start line to do 10 Jacks, then run to 3rd cone to do 30 Ski Jumps.  Run back to start.  Group 2 is doing Mat Work-> Shoulder Taps until Group 1 is done and then they switch.

Next Round:  Keep jacks at the start line.  1st cone is 10 Froggers, 2nd cone is 20 Skaters (hard count), 3rd cone is 30 squats.  Mat work is Big Girl Sit Ups.


90 secs exercise 30 secs rest

Round 1–> sprint up to 1st cone and back to start line.

Round 2–> Sprint up and 1 burpee, sprint back

Round 3–> High Knees up then 1 Frog Jump or 1 Tuck Jump or 1 Star Jack then high knees back to start.

Round 4–> Butt Kickers, then 5 Jump Squats, Butt Kickers back to start

Round 5–> Bear Crawl to 1st cone then 5 Jacks, Run Back


30 secs PYRAMID

Burpees (30 secs)

Rest (30 secs)

Burpees (30 secs), Jacks (30 secs)

Rest (30 secs)

Burpees (30 secs), Jacks (30 secs), Imperial Walkers (30 Secs)

Rest (30 Secs)

Jacks (30 secs), Imperial Walkers (30 secs)

Rest (30 secs)

Imperial walkers (30 secs)


Name o Rama


Group Pic!