Warm Up: Jog the small pickle; good mornings; 1-2-3-4 Shuffle Right 4 toy soldiers; rinse and repeat Left w/ windmills; arm circles/ phelps; JJ in cadence


The Thang:

See You When I See You: choose a partner, walk w/weights around the pickle in opposite directions. When you meet your partner do 6 hand – release push ups. Keep going the direction you were going until you meet again and do 6 more hand release push ups

Pax count off into two groups. Group 1 completes 7’s (Renegade rows HC, squat + OH press) while holding weights, walking the length of the long parking lot. Group 2 completes sets of the following: 5 of each – jumping jacks, dips, step ups on the bleachers  until Group 1 is done. 

Swap. Rinse and Repeat

Abs: Captain Thor made its first appearance of 2023 to the dislike of many

COT: Too many people spend their lives being dutiful descendants instead of good ancestors.The responsibility of each generation is not to please their predecessors. It’s to improve things for their offspring. It’s more important to make your children proud than your parents proud. ~ Adam Grant


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