This Q was Cannonball’s.  I didn’t go to it but many people raved about it.  We miss her, but this was a booty kicker and we had a great time.  Of course I used a hot playlist and put a little Bon Voyage spin on it.

Pardon the formatting,

Warmup:  Jabs, Alt Jab Jacks, Jab Jab Jab Cross, Alt Cross Knee w/ Hop, Hooks, Uppers, Sweep Kicks



First 5 Sets:  10 Squat Jacks w/ single arm OH Press (EA Side) and 5 modified burpees (add 4 mt climbers to the burpee) after each set

Last sets 5 modified burpees between sets


Set 1 (15 EA Side / HC)

Single Arm OH Cross Punch – 15 EA side


Single Single Double

Squat Knee to Elbow 


Set 2 (15 EA Side – HC)

Single Arm Hook


Single Single Double

Cross Cross Cross Hook


Set 3 (15 EA Side – HC)

Single Arm Upper Cut


Single Single Double

Hook Hook Upper Upper Combo


Set 4 (15 EA Side)

Single Arm Jab


Single Single Double

Jab Cross Hook Upper Combo


Set 5 (10 EA Side)

Front Snap Kick w/ Step back

Squat w/ Front Snap Kick

Squat w/ Side Snap Kick

Front kick to side kick repeater


Set 6 (15 EA side – HC6

Torso Twist x 2 Cross Punch x 2

Single Cross Body Punch Up 


Hammer Hammer Smash (10 EA side)

Tricep  Elbow shots


Set 7

Knee and Cross Punch Back (20 EA Side)

Knee and Cross Punch Back (20 EA Side)

Combine (10 EA Side)


Set 8

Switchfoot Kick (15 EA side)

Repeater Knee Front (2 sets of 20)

Repeater Knee Across (2 sets of 20)