Pax brought weights and mats, Q supplied the chalk and tunes.

Warm Up
Good mornings, hamstring scoops, arm circles, phelps, chest stretch

Thang 1: AMRAP
Q spent some time explaining the AMRAP exercises, to a small chorus of mumble chatter about the challenge of remembering all of the exercises. They were written on a board, but some used their chalk to write it close to them.
13 minutes, 1 round = 10 dumbbell swings, 10 bent over rows, 10 goblet quats, 10 push ups, 30 jumping jacks
This was around the time Hootie started trying to figure out what movie Mr. Blue Sky is featured in.
Surprise! Your tally is your burpee bank.

Thang 2: Burpee Laps
Walk or mosey around the track with 4 stops (skate park, stairs, scoreboard, parking lot)
Complete the number of burpees in your bank at each stop
We did about 2 laps in 12 minutes

45 seconds on, 15 seconds rest of:
bicycle crunches, leg raises, american hammers, heel taps, LBCs, plank

Cool Down
We had time for a 2-minute cool down, to Kasey Musgraves’ “Rainbow”
child’s pose, world’s greatest stretch, downward dog, roll up, deep breaths, heart center

“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.” – Claude Bristol, American Journalist
Q handed out individual affirmations to all the Pax
This was about the time Hootie figured out the answer to her burning question… The Game Plan.