Gave the disclaimer and warmed up with some good mornings, knee repeaters, runners stretch and a few more things.   Split up into group A and group B.  A stayed and did an arm exercise while B did moving leg work down to the columns and back and then switch.
Group A: rows, pull band across chest, external rotation (elbow by side, pulling out), lat pulls (lying supine).
Group B: lateral walks, monster walks, step-squat-step, lunge walk

After our group rotations we went to some balance and core work.  3 way kicks (band on ankles) – 10x each way HC, single leg paloff press 10x each direction HC, double leg paloff press 20x each direction, raggedy anns 20 HC, double leg paloff press, side plank clams 10 HC, bridge clams 20x.  We ran out of time to do our second round of that so just finished with the plank challenge for the week.  Thanks for joining me!