Disclaimer & Warm Up – we did some good mornings, toy soldiers, windmills, arm circles, jumping jacks…pretty standard warm up.

Mosey over to the church parking lot for the fun 🙂 


Q surprised the pax with a bag of tricks already at the site. Q had a container of bubble mix and a giant wand. Q blew giant bubbles while Pax counted total number of bubbles. Very little wind this morning, so Q had to work to get those bubbles formed! For the number of bubbles blown, that’s how many of the exercise we did x 5: JJ, butt kickers, plank jacks. We did somewhere between 50-70 of each exercise. On to the main event…

The Thang:

Bubble Dora: Partner up While partner 1 runs the hill and back, partner 2 completes the exercise, Partner 1 takes over the count while Partner 2 runs the hill and back

Blow up the Bubble:

B-urpees 25

U-ps Push 50

B-last off Push Ups 75

B-onnie Blairs (jump lunges) 100

L-BC 125

E-2K 150 (elbow to knee crunch; opposite elbow to opposite knee)

Pop the Bubble (rinse and repeat in reverse order)


Mosey back to the park for COT and NOR


“For the one who is in a funk.You were doing fine until you weren’t and you want to find your way back to the light.There is no back. There’s only forward. The light is ahead of you. Keep going.It’s okay if you don’t know why you’re feeling some kind of way.Not everything has a story. Some things just are.If you’re getting on your own nerves, remember no one has ever been shamed into freedom. God is not mad at you. You are not too much.Relentlessly refuse to scold yourself. Instead, look for beauty as if you life depended on it. Maybe it does today. Here’s to going outside, taking deep breaths, telling someone the whole truth and being all the way kind to yourself.” ~ Emily P Freeman