April 14 Q @ BYOB
BYOB Tabata

50 sec : 15 sec intervals x2


  • Long-band Squats (hands in handles at shoulders; crisscross behind you for more resistance)
  • Front and Lateral Raises (stand on long-band, hold handles, lift arms straight out front, then straight out to side)
  • Leg Extensions (tabletop position with long band around one foot, handles in both hands. Extend leg out long, squeezing glutes and return to start)
    • Repeat with other leg.
  • Seated Twist (with band pulled tight between hands, rotate right, and left)
  • Plank Hop over Band (band out long, straddle hands over one end of the band. Hop feet over the other end keeping shoulders stable over hands)
  • Seated row (loop long band over feet, crisscross for more resistance, pull arms back and squeeze shoulder blades)
  • Lying Leg Abduction (on back, long band looped around feet, handles pulled in at waist legs squeezed together. Open to a V position and repeat)
  • Loop Through (lay flat with bands taught overhead; do a V-up and loop band over feet to bum; lay back. Reverse to bring band back overhead. Repeat)
  • Resisted Pushups (loop band over shoulders/back and place handles under your palms in plank. Create as much resistance as you can. push up!)


  • Bicycle Crunch (circle band around arches, head and shoulders lifted in a crunch. Cycle knees in/out)
  • Glute Bridge Hamstring Walkout (Circle band just above knees, lift into a glute bridge. Walk feet out 3x and back in, repeat)
  • Staggered Leg Lifts (Circle band around ankles. Lift both legs straight up. Lower, leading with left leg. Bring both back up and repeat with right leg leading.)
  • Plank to Bear (circle bands around arches. Assume plank pose. Walk feet in to bear pose and back out to plank. Repeat)
  • Penguin Crunch (hold circle band tight between hands, arms straight overhead. Lift head/shoulders and pull from left to right working obliques)
  • Single Leg Row: Right (Oil rig position with circle band under standing foot. Lift and lower in row)
    • Repeat standing on left leg.