Warm up: 3 min by @Crisco

Exercise Intervals: 1 min  (15 sets)

Rest Intervals: 15 sec

Working Recovery Interval: Run the pickle

Repeat @ 45 sec intervals

Cool Down: Run the pickle and 1 min. plank of choice



  1. Bulgarian Thigh Squats
    1. Split squat, RIGHT in front; both knees at 90°
    2. Bend at waist
    3. Fingers touch ground beside front foot
  2. Repeat with LEFT in front
  3. Hamstring squeeze
    1. On stomach, squeeze rolled-up towel/ball/yoga block between feet
    2. Lift and lower legs
  4. Lateral Lunge + Glute (knee) Lift
    1. Switch legs at halfway point
  5. Plie Squat
  6. Curtsy Lunge
    1. Switch legs at halfway point
  1. Single-Leg Bench Squat
    1. Face away from bench
    2. Lift RIGHT leg off ground
    3. Squat to almost seated on bench
  2. Repeat with LEFT leg off ground



  1. Figure Four Crunches
    1. Right ankle over Left thigh
    2. KEEP Shoulders up
    3. Crunch legs into elbows
    4. Tap heel of Left foot on ground
  2. Repeat with Left ankle over Right thigh
  3. Dead Bugs
  4. Bird Dog
    1. Switch at halfway point
  5. Hollow Rock with Hold
    1. Squeeze rolled-up towel/ball/yoga block between knees
    2. Roll up to boat pose, pause
    3. Roll back
    4. Repeat
  6. Banded Leg Lower
    1. RIGHT leg straight up with towel around foot, pull down on towel
    2. Lift and lower left foot
  7. Repeat with LEFT leg up