Warm Up: Jacks (20), Ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, arm circles, Inch worms

The THANG:  BLIMPS on a Hill – Pyramid(Like Snakes on a Plane only better)
Mosied together to the kiosk in Bond park.  Do B, then run up and down the hill, Do BL then run up and down the hill, Do BLI then….. you get the idea.  Oh and also do it again as you take letters off.
B-Burpees 5
L-Lunges 10
I-Imperial Walkers 15
M-Merkins 20
P-Plank Jacks 25
S-Squats 30

Mosey back to the Senior Center

Abs: 1 minute rounds of
1) Crunch, supported V outs 2, 2 HC Hammers
2) Scissors with leg raise
3) Bent Knees,  side reach
4) Supported Ls
5) Bicycle knee holds
We were supposed to do a couple more, but Bon Voyage ended up in giggles because she couldn’t even do 2 of the bicycle knee holds so it was time for COT.