Warm up: Good mornings & Inchworms 10 oyo; Arm/shoulder warm up; Run the pickle 

The Thang:

Q had everyone lined up in the parking lot for BlackJack: Starting on one curb, complete 11 kettlebell swings, bear crawl to opposite curb, complete 10 burpees, lunge walk back. Continue ascending kettlebell swings and descending burpees until we get to 20/1

(Total: 55 burpees/155 kettlebell swings)

Arms: Pax in 3 groups to complete 1 min sets; rotate exercise, rinse & repeat until all groups complete each exercise

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Sparky Crabs Front raises Tricep Kickbacks
Plank Ankle Taps Around the Worlds Crossbody Extensions

Circled up to complete standing Abs and Name O Rama
Woodchops (1 min ea side)
Dumbbell Side Dips (alternating sides for 1 min)