Disclaimer: I am Daisy, your VQ for today! I am not a professional, you are here at your own risk, do what you can and modify as needed.

Warm Up:

Under the shelter we did 10 double count wide stance toe touch (opposite hand to foot), Arm circles (10 each way), phelps, 5 inch worm walk out with worlds greatest stretch, 10 squats

The Thang:

Mosey on the path to “the hill”

Did a Triple Nickle (modified a  bit): 10 jump squats at bottom up hill; run up hill; 10 tricep dips at top of hill (on benches); run down hill; repeat 5 times. early finishers held a squat

Lunge walked part of the way down the path to the rocks. selected a medium size rock

Did a HALF Gorilla Complex (usually 8 rounds, we did 4 due to time): 8 curls, 8 high pulls, 8 overhead press, 8 tricep extensions, 8 pushups. short run down the path and back. repeated 4 times.

Lunge walked then mosey back to the shelter

Mary: in honor of turning 36 we did 36 (single count) mountain climbers, 36 (single count) russian twists and then ended with 20 full sit ups.

Ended with Name-o-rama and some announcements and prayer requests.