Today was my circle /wheel  workout. I am not sure what to call it.  Wheel of Death …Lol. Who knows!   Ok.. So it goes like this. 10 different exercises spread out into a big circle  with all the PAX mats at the center ( hub) of the wheel.  All exercises are a count of 10 , always HC ( you know me  ) In the center , you always do the same exercise.  Everyone starts at their own exercise  on the circle( luckily we had 10 PAX today).  Do that exercise then run in to the hub and do 10 of the hub exercise. Run to the next exercise in circle and repeat this process  until you have   run back and forth ( spoke of wheel- get it??) to do all 10 exercises. Which means that you would have done 100 of the hub exercise.  Well that sounds more complicated than it is..   We did 2 rounds ( each with a different set of exercises)

Here are the exercises.. no particular order and to add to that , I am not sure which ones were in which round.

Hub – American Hammer

  1. Pendulum Lunge
  2. Dorothy
  3. Calf Raises
  4. curtsey lunges
  5. Squat Jump
  6. Mountain Climbers
  7. Pushups
  8. Monkey Humpers
  9. Skaters
  10. Plank Toe Touch ( remain in plank position as your bring your foot to meet your  oppositehand)

Hub- Glute Bridges

  1. Elevated Heel Squats
  2. Front Kicks
  3.  Bear Fast Feet
  4. Plank Jack
  5. Lateral lunge with  single leg bound
  6. Bear Shoulder taps
  7. Sparky Crabs
  8. Lunge Jumps
  9. Squats (down. halfway up, back down, then all the way up )
  10. Jumping Jack


With time left over we did a 5 minutes plank series. Each exercise was 30 seconds.  The groaning was the loudest at number 6.  I think we need to do more of them next time!!!!

  1. elbow plank
  2.  left elbow plank ( dips at 15 seconds)
  3. Brooke Burkes
  4. right elbow plank ( dips at 15 seconds)
  5. straight arm plank
  6. alternating side up/up down/down.. Not sure what to call it.  Straight arm plank.. right elbow goes down then  back to straight arm plank. then repeat on left side with left elbow going down then return to plank.
  7. Launchers
  8. Slow Mountain Climbers
  9.  Plank to down dog with opposite hand to foot. then back to plank . repeat on other side.
  10. Choose your favorite!!

Ended with Name-0-rama and pictures!  Thanks for joining me ladies!