Buddy work on the Hill

Run Up/Down, band rows X10; one partner holds resistance band while the other does rows; switch.

Run Up/Down, band curls X10; one partner holds resistance band while the other does curls; switch.

Run Up/Down, band adductors X10; stand sided by side, band around ankle of each partner, pull away from each other.

Run Up/Down, band abductors X10; band at your own ankles, kick out on each side (not buddy work).

Run Up/Down, band pulses X10; stand back to back with buddy, squat, band around wrists, pulse out.


Transition back to shelter by way of bridge; stop at bridge and find a pole. Squat at the pole for 2 minutes & do a series of calf raises, hallelujahs, etc. Transition back to the big shelter for next round.


Pyramid 5/10/15/10/5

Round one: 5 over head presses, 5 push-ups, 5 tricep kickbacks

Cardio burst for 10 seconds-each person chooses their own little burst of cardio from fast feet, jacks, running in place, etc.

Round two: continue this process 10, 15, 10 and 5 times with a cardio burst between each round.


15 BGS with a weighted overhead press at the top each time

25 LBCs

Plank toe tap with your band at ankes X10

Boat pose, band at ankles, pulse out for 30 seconds (we did this twice!)

Stretch & Cool-down

COT: If you want to lift yourself up, start by lifting someone else. CHALLENGE: In the next 24 hours, reach out to someone on slack and leave a sweet message for them. Maybe even reach out to someone you don’t typically speak to, or someone you’d like to get to know a little better!