Jumping Jacks (IC), High Knees (IC), Butt Kickers (IC), Good mornings, Cotton Pickers… then run the pickle!

The Thang:

We asked the FIA ladies to send me their best and worse exercises of 2020.  We flipped a coin and did each exercise for 1 minute (with the exception of Indian Runs and Crawling… those took longer)

Flip Name Heads Tails
1 Bluff Abs Burpees
2 Bon Voyage Squat Plank
3 Breezy Plank Any Crawl
4 Crisco Squat Lunges
5 Fullback Plank Tuck Jump
6 Helium Twisty Abs Bear Crawl w/weights
7 Mary Lou Curtsy Lunges Pushups
8 Peachtree Sparky Crab (My choice :)) Burpees
9 Van Gogh Dips Indian Runs
10 Walkman LBCs Bear Crawl
11 Wilson Indian Run Any Crawl
12 Extra Superman Hold Up/Down Plank
13 Extra Russian Twist Bicycles
14 Extra Quick Feet Calf Raises
15 Extra Mountain Climbers Elbow Plank
16 Extra Pushup Full Situp
17 Extra Jumping Jacks Star Jumps

Of course, we had two squats (narrow/regular then sumo) and two crawls (bear and camel).  Only one Indian Run!

Abs were rounded in so we did one and a half rounds of the above exercises.  Ended with one minute plank and Name-o-Rama.

Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.  (Proverbs 31:29).  You all are awesome!  Thank you for joining me and Happy New Year!