After my disclaimer I explained my plan.    Today we would be traveling around the park stopping at all the benches, picnic tables, stairs and bleachers doing a variety of exercises.  20 was our number for all exercises- sometimes HC sometimes 20 on each leg .. and if I am hurting  10 on each leg..


Side stretches, Good Mornings,  JJ.  Then started to move the  warmup from the parking lot to our first stop. –  Walking Toy Soldiers, High knees, Butt kickers, slow backwards jog,  open/close gate ,  Arm circles , Phelps

The Thang:

Start at the bottom of trail on the top of the grassy hill where  benches line the path.  Break up in groups of 2.  Run from bench to bench doing 20 of each exercise. 2 rotations   Didn’t realize there were more than 5 benches.. oops!

  1. Tricep Dips
  2. Decline Pushups
  3. Push off Push up
  4. Spiderman with feet on bench
  5. Marching Hip Thrust.  Back leaning on bench.  Right 10x . left 10x

Picnic Tables Abs  – Sitting on table

  1. In out abs straight
  2. in out abs left
  3. in out abs right

Dock ( 10 on each side , starting with right)

  1. Step up
  2. Rocking horse
  3. Side leg lifts
  4.  Alternating kick backs

Back to Picnic Tables

  1. Toe tap abs  ( legs together at 90 degrees, tap bench)
  2. Alternating toe taps HC

Stairs ( everyone stood at a step and did the following)

  1. Jumps
  2.  Knee Repeaters 20 each side
  3. Top taps  HC
  4.  Fast feet up and down step  HC

Baseball field dugout –  10 of each-  Do exercise 1 and 2  on one leg  then repeat on other

  1. Bulgarian Squat into a single leg dead lift
  2. Pistol Squat into a  Forward lunge

Garden area near ropes course shelter –  we didn’t have time to do this set of exercises.  So instead we started our stretches in this shaded area.   Side stretches,  Hold hip hinge to rag doll ,  then twist so both hands are touching one foot  then move over to the other foot.  Slow shoulder rolls.  Start to mosey back to parking lot with Toy Soldiers, Open/close gate, slow karaoke walks, Knee pulls?

Back at parking lot with Name-o-rama and announcements.  Welcome back DC.   Great to see PanAm/Small Fry  again..

Reminder -Olympics are the third week in July. More info to follow.

Please look at Q sheet there are a lot of openings during our summer months.