A small but mighty crew for a last minute Q swap with Mary Lou! It took me a minute to get my act together—something about not finding the right workout on my app…? Ugh, technology!

Anyway, disclaimer was given and a warm up of jumping jacks, high knees, butt kickers, good mornings and some back stretches commenced.

I explained we would be doing a beast of the whole parking deck. This was borrowed straight from a 2018 F3 Raleigh workout (thanks!). Goal: 6 trips up/down the deck. So trip one would be up, trip 2 down, and so forth. 6 reps of each exercise was performed each time we turned a corner (2x per floor).
Trip 1: burpees (got those out of the way)

Trip 2: Tuck jumps

Trip 3: hand release push ups—we noticed the sunrise in this trip up the deck so we paused for an obligatory group photo!

Trip 4: plank jacks

Trip 5: American hammers—we were running out of time so we modified and simply ran up and down one length of the deck doing the exercise 6x.

Trip 6: we didn’t get to this but it would have been pax choice of either jump lunges or curtsy lunges.

Wasn’t my best effort but it got us sweating sooo…Thanks for joining me and as always it was a privilege!

Mary Lou