Warm Up: With only three Pax at Double D this morning we took our time getting to the location at end of the parking lot  – we started with good mornings and did a few Toy Soldiers, Windmills, Jumping Jacks, Arm Circles/Phelps, etc

The Thang:

Complete a shuttle run, then Jack Webb 1:4 count all the way to 10:40

Shuttle Run

Lt. Dan (Squats : Lunges)

Shuttle Run

Push – Ups : Hallelujahs

Shuttle Run

Originally Q had planned a Chatty Dora  (no counting!) – divide into 2 groups, Group A completes the exercise while Group B runs the pickle. Switch.  Since we had a small group and wanted to stay together, Q decided to do timed exercises and then Pax ran the pickle, which included the stairs.

Exercises (64 seconds of each):

Hand Release Burpees 


Big Girl Sit Up w/ Toe Reach (Legs wide, SU, touch left hand to right foot, SU, right hand to left foot)


Surrenders w/ knee to Elbow – thank you Mr. and Mrs. Muscle 




We completed 4 rounds of exercises/ pickles. Time went by super fast!

COT: Between Winter and Spring: Winter – when things are cold, barren, and seemingly dead.  The next day, new life is growing – spring. It seems like it happens in an instant, though the work for the new buds we see has been happening for a long time.  

When you’re in the midst of a hard situation, it seems difficult to believe that goodness could be just around the corner.

What does life look like for you right now? If you are in a season of winter, I pray you might recognize growth. If you are in a season of spring, I pray you take delight in the expectant joy of growth and newness. 

And if you’re straddling both – just wait. God is up to something. And it is good. ~ taken from an Instagram post by Jessica Turner

Name o Rama, except we didn’t