Q gave the standard disclaimer plus an additional I’ve never done barre but decided to try something different.

We warmed up with some good mornings, wind mills, toy soldiers, high knees and butt kickers.  We lined up across the wall of the garage to start the Thang: Each exercise should be done slow and controlled with core activated and arms out or up! Each exercise was 10 HC + 10 pulses, then moseyed up the deck the next end (changing mode each time: skips, sashay, shuffles, etc)
Curtsy lunge into side kick
curtsy lunge into back kick
back lunge into front kick
back lunge into SL RDL (or arabesque 🙂
front/side/back kick on toes
sumo squat with front toe touch
chair squat with arms up

Jogged up the rest of the deck and then down the stairs to grab our mats.  Circled up for some fun new core that I don’t have good names for and can’t describe very well, but they were hard.  (“side plank” with straight arm and knee down – then top arm and leg are doing a “clamshell” motion.  Next one same starting position and top arm and leg are moving from a crunch to a “star” position.)  Prone snow angels, plank toe taps.  Did 2 rounds of those and then finished with some “normal” abs.  50 LBCs, 50 ankle biters, 50 american hammers, and 30 toe taps.  Finished with name-o-rama! Thanks for going on this fun new adventure with me!