4:40 alarm clock got this newly turned 50 year old out of bed, excited for my first “respect” Q in spite of the rain. Hallelujah for temps in the 40’s – which means no toe-boggan.  5:18 arrival – everyone knows I’m the first in the parking lot when I Q since I’m Type 1 on the Enneagram.  5:30 and Pax still rollin’ in.  I get the party started with the disclaimer and warm ups. We move on pretty quickly to our FiaNation Squat Ladder challenge. I started our count with 1-10, Beethoven continued the count 11-20, so on and so on, each Pax counting off the next 10 count. Took a few seconds break at 50, and continued the torture, I mean challenge. Western picked up speed a bit, and Hootie rounded out the end with our remaining 4 squats. 104 squats completed!  I moved us to the flagpole and on to the Thang.  Everyone was expecting me to do 50’s of something.  Instead, I borrowed an F3 workout called Killer B’s. B is for birthday after all. And, lots of other fun exercises.  No bear crawls today (you’re welcome).   We counted off into 2 groups. Starting at the flagpole, Group 2 completed burpees   w/ overhead press (of course, there’s gonna be burpees), while Group 1 traveled to the next light pole by way of Baby Bonnie Blairs (Bonnie Blairs are jump lunges, BBB’s are walking lunges).  Once Group 1 arrived at the light pole, Group 2 made our way over while Group 1 did their burpees. We continued moving to each light pole, thru all the B exercises: Bicep Curls, Bridge Marching (instead of glute Bridges), Bobby Hurley’s, Bent Over Rows, Front Kicks (instead of Big Girl Sit Ups), alternating the mode of transportation between BBB’s and Bunny Hops. We completed 1.3 rounds before we circled up to complete 5-5-10 Standing Ab work. 5 exercises, 5 reps, for 10 minutes: Woodchops L, Woodchops R, Dumbbell Side Dips, Overhead Pendulum, Hillbillies, Dumbbell slam

Name O Rama (Happy 39th Birthday to Mary Lou!) and COT: “Stick with people who pull the magic out of you, not the madness”

Afterwards, we huddled up for a quick photo and off to celebrate my 50th!  F3’s Red Ryder (my spouse) and Parker (Phelps’ spouse) brought the next B – bacon! And mimosas 🙂 And, other Fia friends with breakfast goodies!  And, to my surprise, a concert in my honor with band members: Wilson-keyboard/amp/vocals, Zeppelin- acoustic guitar/vocals, Bon Voyage-vocals, and Pax chiming in for the chorus. There’s a video out there for proof.

Million Reasons by Lady Gaga – rendition by Wilson & the FiA Band:

You’ve given me a million reasons to work out
I go and wind up cussing out loud.
You’ve given me a million burpees
About a million burpees
Given me a million burpees
About million burpees

You’ve set a Q record no one can beat
You’re skin looks great for someone 50.
That Beauty Counter
Must be organic
I think I even know someone who sells it.

My alarm goes off at 5 in the mornin’
Lord, it’s cold and I can’t find my toboggin.
I’ve got a 100 million reasons to hit the snooze
I guess I’ll go cuz I know you’re the Q.

Your preschoolers think they’re in heaven
And you’re already on Baby Step seven.
your Gettin’ it done
in the mornin’ sun
checking off your list cuz you’re a Type 1

You’ve read every book that Bob Goff has wrote
Hittin’ me up with a Brene Brown quote.
Always nice
Giving me advice
If I need something done I don’t have to ask twice.

My alarm goes off at 5 in the mornin’
Lord, it’s cold and I can’t find my toboggin.
I’ve got a 100 million reasons to the hit the snooze.
I guess I’ll go cuz I know you’re the Q.

Yeah, I’ll be there, be there, be there.
Hey, ehh, ehhh
Do we need our gloves today?
Every time I’m late
You’re the first in the parking lot
I bet this will be a good one, good one, good one, good one, good one, good one

My alarm goes off at 5 in the morning
I look out and see that it’s rainin’ and pourin’
I’ve got a 100 million reasons to walk away
But Crisco, it’s your birthday, it’s your 50th birthday, it’s your birthday today.

(Ya’ll spoke my love language today. This girl’s bucket is full!)