Warm-up (15 each):

Hallelujahs, butt kickers, high knees, shoulder rolls, arm circles, squats, toy soldiers, rainbows, hurdles

The thang (1 minute exercises, 15 seconds rest)

Arms: bicep curls, shoulder press

Legs: sumo squats, curtsy lunges (alternate legs)

Abs: American twists, standing crunch

Skip the pickle

Arms: wide bicep curl, shoulder press pulses

Legs: sumo squat pulses, side lunges (alternate legs)

Abs: Glute bridges (right leg up), glute bridges (left leg up)

Fast walk the pickle

Arms: tricep extensions, hammer curls

Legs: sumo heel raises, front lunges (alternate legs)

Abs: side bends (right side), side bends (left side)

Walk the pickle

Arms: triceps kickbacks, hammer curls with shoulder press

Legs: walking squat on the mat, back lunges (alternate legs)

Abs: LBCs, big girl sit-ups

Cool down

COT- Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.