Arms, Abs and Butt Workout!

Warm-up: run the pickle, toe-taps/skips around the pickle, lunges halfway around the pickle, heel-to-toe walk around the pickle and another jog around the pickle. Arm circles (small and big) & Phelps!

All workouts are 55 seconds.

Round 1:

Arms: Arm Raises and Arm Lateral Raises with weights.

Abs: LBC’s and Ankle Biters

Butt: Donkey Kicks each leg and Standing Leg Lifts

Run the Pickle!

Round 2:

Arms: Biceps and shoulder press with weights.

Abs: Leg lifts lying down and Russian Twists

Butt: Glute Bridges and Fire Hydrants

Run the Pickle!

Round 3:

Arms: Chest Fly and Hallelujahs with weights

Abs: Bicycles and standing side bends

Butt: Butt kickers (fast) and leg lifts to the side

Run the Pickle!

Round 4:

Arms: Tricep extensions and chest press

Abs: Heels to Heaven and Plank

Butt: Jump squats and lying down leg lifts

Run the Pickle!

We did not get to this:

Round 5:

Arms: Skull crushers and push-ups

Abs: Full sit-ups and Superman

Butt: Skaters and Sumo Squats

Run the Pickle!

Winter Games event: Headstand challenge – Modification: run or walk the pickle.