Twas a great Thursday morning workout!

Disclaimer given while doing our warm-ups.


  • 10 Good Mornings, 10 Toy Soldiers, Forward Arm Circles, Back Arm Circles
  • Run to Downtown Apex

The Thang: (break into pairs)

4 Rounds:

  • Partner 1 runs to blue mailbox and back
  • Partner 2 will do the exercise until Partner 1 returns
  • Switch and complete for 2 rounds of each exercise.


Round 1:  Push-Ups (switch style each round)

Round 2: 1 leg Squats (any style)

Round 3: V-Ups/LBCs

Round 4: Step Ups (alternate legs each round)

Run back for a few standing Abs and Name-O-Rama

Thanks for joining me!

Always love to hear the complaints and ‘Are we running again?’ Those are the days we get stronger!