Beethoven gave disclaimer and started warmup: Good mornings, Phelps, Small arm circles, butt kickers, high knees, big arm circles,  jumping jacks.


Walkman brought her dice.  Everyone received a die.  Your first roll tells the exercise and the second roll tells the number of reps (first roll multiplied by the second roll)

1= Pushups

2= Deadlift with upright row

3= Tricep kickbacks

4- Shoulder taps

5= Lunges with bicep curl (HC)

6= Squat with overhead press

If you roll doubles we complete the exercise and then 20 Monkey Humpers

If you roll seven we complete the exercise and then seven 1/2 burpees

Stopped at 6:05 for abs by Beethoven:

1 minute for each exercise:

High sit ups (arms up in the air)

Leg Lifts


Scissors or flutter kicks (your choice)

Ankle biters

COT- The rain came through right before we started so we reminded everyone to hang their mats out to dry when they get home.  Don’t leave a wet sweaty mat in your car for the weekend.