Disclaimer & Warm up included some inchworms, toy soldiers, arm circles, etc.

Grab weights and walk next door to the office building while Ms. Claus explains the Thang to all the elves.  Angry elf made a quick appearance. Any guesses?

The Thang:

Mrs. Claus and her elves are delivering “packages” AKA Weighted Walking 4 Corners Escalator with Christmas tunes made just for this workout! Ms. Claus had a fun surprise for everyone when Feliz Navidad started playing. 

In the meantime, we got started with delivering our packages:

Round 1: 5 renegade row jacks at each corner 

Round 2: 5 renegade row jacks + 10 bicep curls at each corner

Round 3: 5 renegade row jacks + 10 bicep curls at each corner + 15 weighted squats at each corner

Round 4: 5 renegade row jacks + 10  + 15 weighted squats + 20 weighted lbc’s at each corner (Break for Feliz Navidad*)

Round 5: 5 renegade row jacks + 10 bicep curls + 15 weighted squats + 20 weighted lbc’s + 25 dumbbell side bends at each corner 

We were able to get thru 2 sets of round 5 before time. We gathered for a photo and walked back to the AO for Name O Rama and COT

*Feliz Navidad: Everytime you hear Feliz Navidad or Merry Christmas do a burpee! Much to the chagrin of Ms. Claus, the speaker disconnected, so the song (thus the burpees) ended early 🙁 

Over the course of the workout, Walkman asked the Pax if we had any ideas for gifts for her husband. The Pax thought a coupon book for hugs sounded like just what he needed. Walkman was not a fan. 

COT/Name O Rama

“Trying to improve 1% every day is better than trying to  improve 100% in one day. If you improve 1% a day, then in 100 days, guess what? You’re 100% better” ~ Ken Carter 

“A small habit – when repeated consistently- grows into something significant” ~ James Clear