Warm up: Mosey around the pickle; circle up for good mornings, inchworms, arm circles, phelps, 

The Thang: (Wo)man Maker/Squat 1:2 Gains

A woman maker : Start standing, down to plank, pick up right arm (put it back down), push up, pick up left arm, push up, return to stand and jump.

From Starting cone: Walking Lunge to first cup, do 1 wo(Man) Maker and 2 squats, continue on to second cup in a walking lunge, do 2 wo(Man) Makers and 4 squats.  Continue to each cup adding one Woman Maker and 2 squats at each cup. After you finish the 5th cup (5:10) walking lunge all the way back to the starting line. 

Burpee Rainbow

From starting cone, run to first cup, complete 1 burpee, run back to start, complete 1 burpee. Run to 2nd cup, Do 2 burpees, run back to start, complete 1 burpee, Run to 3rd cup, do 3 burpees, run back to start…….. all the way to the far cone (5). Then return down the rainbow from 5 to 1

1 min rounds Pick a Number

There was plenty of chatter to help these rounds go quickly! “RECOVER” – convergence style, homecoming proposals, puppies, kids’ antics, etc

1 minute rounds of Pick a #:

1 Ankle Biters

2 Dead Bugs   

3 Flutter kicks

4 Big Girl Sit Ups

5 Alternating Side Plank

6 Drunken Mountain Climbers 

7 Glute Bridges

8 Inchworm Push ups

9 Plank to Toe taps

10 Shoulder Taps

11 Plank up/down

12 Froggers

13 Bear Hold Taps

14 Push up w/ rotating side plank – Q called audible and changes to Hallelujahs 

15 Plank w/ alternating leg lift

14 was the last # picked so after Hallelujahs, Q called 1 min of tiny arm circles forward, push the water forward, and flaps for a mini Gweneth Paltrow shoulder/arm burnout 

COT: 940

That’s how many Saturdays you have with your child from birth to age 18. 

Make the time count. 

Tell them how valued they are. How loved they are. How much they matter. 

No one else is telling them. They need to hear it from you.

“Your legacy might not be something you do, but someone you raise” taken from sermon at Hope Community Church 9/18/22)

Name O Rama