Standard warm up consisting of good mornings, toy soldiers, arm circles, phelps, butt kickers

The Thang: We met up in the Lidl parking lot and carried our weights out to Grand Central Station to the light poles to complete Route 66 

At the first light pole, complete 1 rep, 2nd light pole complete 2 reps, continue until you get to pole #11  Burpee with Renegade Row

We ran out of poles on the straightaway, so we improvised and found the remaining 3 stops. Bookwork had to leave early so we walked back to Lidl parking lot for an early COT and photo. There was still time, so Breezy and I walked back out to Grand Central Station, Hunter St corner and made our way back stopping at each light pole to complete squats, reverse Route 66 – starting with 11.

Back to parking lot for 1 min rounds of standing abs

COT: “TacticNutrition” Reel