The train left the station (Ritter Park) right at 5:30am and traveled (ran) to a nearby office parking lot 1/2 mile away. A few stretches to get us ready for the “Pain Train” (shoutout to Cape Fear FiA for the idea).

All Pax line up in a straight line. Taking turns, 1 Pax runs the pickle and back, next in line runs pickle and back, etc. If you weren’t running, you were performing the below exercises starting with the Cowcatcher, working our way to the caboose. When the last Pax in line finished running, we started over with the first Pax and moved to the Middle Car exercise, and so on until we worked our way through both ‘trains’.

Train #1

Cowcatcher or front of Train: Pushups

Middle Car: Russian Twist

Caboose: Hold Squat

Train #2

Cowcatcher or front of Train: Hallelujahs

Middle Car: Plank

Caboose: Oil Rigs (switch leg after each Pax returns back to the station)

Mosey the 1/2 mile back to Ritter Park for stretching and COT.

Total of about 1.8miles of running today. Great job ladies! Thanks for joining me.