Frito was lacking inspiration when coming up with this Q so she consulted the Lexicon (and didn’t make it too far down the list!) before she decided to do a series of “accumulators” in this workout.  We started with the disclaimer and then did a basic warm up while we got an update from RoadRunner on her foot injury (hoping she gets some good news at her dr appt on Tuesday!)

Warm up –good mornings, toy soldiers, jumping jacks, hip openers, inchworm walkout + world’s greatest stretch

We then began our workout – a series of “Accumulators” (1 rep of exercise #1, 2 reps of exercise #2, 2 reps of exercise #1, 4 reps of exercise #2, adding 1 rep to exercise #1 and 2 reps to exercise #2 each time, etc. up until 8 reps of exercise #1 and 16 reps of exercise #2):

All easy count

1st set:

  1. Zero base pushup, superwomans
  2. Z-curl, crossover hammer curl
  3. Glute bridge, lift knee up from glute bridge (alternating legs)
  4. Full sit up, dead bug (alternating legs)
  5. Squat, lunges (alternating legs)

Jog/run lap around parking lot

2nd set:

  1. Overhead press, upright row
  2. Sumo squat, side lunge (alternating legs)
  3. Skull crusher, chest press
  4. Heels to heaven, LBCs

COT – Everything comes to you at the right moment.  Be patient.  Be grateful. (From @therunningcommunity on Instagram)

Name o rama

Thanks for joining me!