The storms last night cooled it off a little for us this morning. We started with the disclaimer and then a warm-up of good mornings, high knees, butt kickers, arm circles, toy soldiers and a little jog around the pickle.

The Thang:

We went through each set of exercises twice, 50 min each with 10 seconds transition time.

1.Reverse flies, pull your pants up and bicep curls

Skip up and back the parking lot

2. Front extensions, side curls and in and out extensions

Grapevine up and down the parking lot

3. Upright row, lateral raises, tricep extensions

Shuffle up and down the parking lot


Next thang: Abs, 1 minute each exercise

Dumbell side bend

Standing core stabilizer

Wood chops

American hammers with weights

Weighted bridege

Heels to Heaven

Plank hold with weight move from side to side

Superman with flutter kicks



And we ended with the 50-40-30-20-10 single leg jump rope.

We finished in time for a little stretching and COT.

Thanks for joining me today! 🙂