Warm Up:
Good Mornings
Runners stretch and reach each side
Butt Kickers
High Knees

The Thang:
60 secs each 2 times through

**Before round 1, 5, and at the end run around the library and back to breezeway

Round 1
A – Crunchy Frogs In a V-sit like position, wrap your arms around your legs, then quickly extend arms and legs out. Then bring them back in. Repeat.
B – Rocket squat 3 count down into a deep squat, on 4th count shoot up into a jump like a rocket
C – Boy Bands

Round 2
A – Russian Twist Seated in partial sit up position with heels off the ground, twist at the waist so that both hands held together touch the ground to the right side, then left side. Can also be done weighted – holding weight or any object in your hand.
B – Glute Bridge March Typical bridge lift, hold at the top, lift left leg, lift right leg, lower. Repeat.
C – Squat jumps

Round 3
A – Dead Bugs Usually done with a dumbbell. LBC while holding a weight by its ends above your head, crunching your elbows to your knees while holding the weight.
B – Fire Hydrant Donkey Kick (w/ or w/out weight behind leg)
C – Star Jacks

Round 4
A – Raggedy Anns
B – Squat side leg lift
C – Heismans

End with COT and Name-o-rama