Warm-up: We started with a lap around the pickle to “warm-up” and then did some good mornings, cotton pickers, arm circles and runner’s lunge stretches. Q’s legs are tight and sore today! 😉

The Thang: We completed 7 sets of triple A’s: Arms, Abs, and Agility/Aerobic exercises. The arms and ab exercises were done for 1 min. each  and the agility/aerobic exercises were 2 minutes long. All arm exercises were completed with bands. 15 seconds transition time between exercises. The goal with 2 min. cardio was to keep us warm and plenty of layers were shed today! 🙂

Set 1: Bicep curls, flutter kicks, grass pickers

Set 2: Lat pull down, super man pulses, diamond drill (“out-out-in-in”)

Set 3: Tricep pull downs, plank toe touches, butt kickers

Set 4: Internal rotation (right arm), full sit-ups, high knees

Set 5: Internal rotation (left arm), 90 degree toe taps, burpee shuffle

Set 6: Chest flies, plank shoulder taps, 4 curb kicks-shuffle right-4curb kicks-shuffle left

Set 7: Chest press, scissors, 50-40-30-20-10 single leg jump rope (start on right, 50 jump ropes, left leg 50 jump ropes and repeat in descending numbers 50-40-30-20-10)

We finished set 7 at exactly 6:15, so ended with a quick COT and picture!

Thanks for joining me this am and Merry Christmas!