It was a warm 73 degree winters night as we warmed up with

  • good mornings
  • world’s greatest stretch
  • Warrior 1, 2, peaceful warrior
  • upward/downward dog
  • ragdoll stretch
  • Prone quad stretch with back and arm extension

We did some “knees over toes” exercises to start including:

  • backward walking about 3-4 minutes
  • El Capitans (low lunges touching fingertips to ground) 25 each leg walking
  • toe raises with muscle on stretch x 25
  • heel raises with calf on stretch x 25
  • end range knee extension alternating sides 2 x 25 bent over with hands flat on ground as able

We then switches with Upper body with light (3-8 pound ) weights 45 seconds on with 15 second rest

  • the “Robot” arms out to the side with alternating internal and external rotation of the shoulder
  • arm circles forward
  • arm circles backward
  • “scaptions” arm raises 1/2 way between front and side arm raises
  • wood chop/ (weight on the diagonal pattern)
  • Laying flat on table on stomach arms out to the sides/flys
  • Laying flat on table on stomach arm back behind you (superman style)

We then ran to the bottom of the hill and did “threes” instead of 7’s doing star jumps and burpees for 3 hill runs as we ran out of time.

Ended with some quick abs Pilates style score exercises –

  • “the Saw”
  • “scissors”
  • Yoga pigeon

COT comes from 1st Lady Betty Ford

“If there is something over which you have control and which you have committed, you must do it to the best of your abilities or not at all. However, when something unexpected happens over which you have no control, you must have faith to trust that something greater than yourself will guide you.”