Who knew how many Who’s lived in Whoville, well there’s a lot!

Warmed up in the Shelter.

The Thang:

A lap of catch me if you can where group 1 was walking and group 2 did 5 burpees and jogged to catch up.

Then we started the original Grinch movie and listened via speaker.  We alternated cardio of buttkickers, high knees, jumping jacks and jogging in place any time we didn’t hear one of the words from the list.  When we heard a word from the list, we would then do the corresponding exercise.  (There were lots of rhyming words and Who):

Grinch Song – 10 pushups

Grinch Steals something – 5 burpees

Rhyming Words – 10 squats or bridges

Made Up Words – 10 tricep dips

Christmas – 5 Hallelujahs

Who – 5 HC lunges

Green – 5 LBCs

Mean – 5 American Hammers

Heart – 5 Supermans

Max – 5 Monkey Humpers

We listened to about 2o minutes of the Grinch and then went over to do a set of 11s at the stairs with donkey kicks and hillbillies.  We moseyed back to the shelter for 50 LBCs and some back stretches led by Tiny Boots.