Apologies from the start for forgetting to do name-a-Rama at the end. I always for getting that! 🥴

We got started at 6:01 with the disclaimer and jumped into the warm up.

Warm up: pick a parking stripe to help us keep our distance. We high kneed, butt kicked, board jumped, shuffled and inchwormed our way back and forth on our stripe getting our bodies nice and warmed up. And we threw in a few windmills at the end.

Thang: 11s with a twist. We headed to the stairs where I explained what an 11s was. But to complicate it further I added that instead of going up a prescribed number of stairs to do the top portion of our 11s we would go up one more flight of stairs each time. So, starting at the bottom on P2 we did 10 burpees, went to P3 for 1 push-up with a row. Back down to P2 for 9 burpees, up to P4 for 2 pushups with rows. And so on up to P7. We went to P7 twice then started our way back down where we finished with 1 burpee at P2 and 10 pushups with rows at P3.
woooo that was a lot of stairs and everyone killed it!

We headed out to the breezeway for a triple nickel of 5 dip jacks, sprint up the stairs, 5 jump squats.

Lastly, we finished off with core: 4 around the world planks, 5 hollow barrel rolls each way and windshield wipers.

I shared the following in honor of Veteran’s day: “Valor is stability, not of legs and arms, but of courage and the soul.” Michel de Montaigne

Thank you for working out with me today!

Mary Lou