We had a small but mighty trio this morning. Started with a disclaimer and a 5-minute warmup. I explained the workout, and we got to work.


Timed 1 Minute Run (on the greenway, through the tunnel) and stopped to do specific exercises. We did this for 5 minutes. The exercises were:

  • 15 squats
  • 25 hallelujahs
  • 20 imperial walkers
  • 20 raggedy anns
  • held chair pose on a bridge

Rinsed and repeated back to the bottom of the stairs. Then we did 11 on the stairs. 1 skater on the bottom and 10 jumping jacks on the top, then 2 skaters and 9 jj, 3 skaters and 8 jj; continued until we had 10 skaters and 1 jj. Phew! There were lots of wooing. Then we mosied to our cars for abs.

Abs: 1 minute of each exercise:

  • Big Girl Situps
  • LBCs
  • Ankle biters
  • Bridges

Because we had one more minute we ended with backward walking. Finished up with a little stretching. Thanks for joining me.