Q had planned a fun workout rucking around the park but the threat of thunderstorms forced us to adapt and stay near the shelter (never fear, we will ruck next time!). Warm-up was just the usual and then a brisk walk around the pickle with our weights

The Thang 

(I got this idea from Crisco I think)

Split into three groups. One group runs to the ninja course and back (or, as it started raining, around the shelter and eventually just timed cardio in the shelter). The other two groups are doing either an arms or legs exercise until the first gets back. Rotate through so each group has a chance to run, do arms and do legs.

Round 1: Bulgarian Split Squats, Bicep Curls

Round 2: Calf Raises, Bent Over Rows

Round 3: Donkey Kicks, Tricep Kickbacks

Round 4: Dead Lifts, Shoulder Presses

We did some cardio between the rounds to simulate the traveling that we would have been doing.

Had some extra time so we ran through the exercises once more doing 10 EC reps of each as a group.

Then: PAX choice abs, 25 reps HC of each exercise.


Forgot a COT, but noted that there was a lesson about adaptability hidden somewhere in this workout. Thanks for being flexible ladies!