Gave disclaimer

Warm up- jumpjacks, good mornings, toy soldiers, phelps, etc.

The Thang: 99 reps of each exercise for Betty White (DORA)

Partner up to do 99 reps of each exercise.  While one partner starts the exercise the other will run or bear crawl and then come back to the partner to pick up the count.

Round 1: LBCs, Squats, Biceps curls

Run pickle

Round 2: Leg lifts, Donkey Kicks, Tricep kickbacks

Bear crawl pavilion up and back

Round 3: American Hammers (RT), Monkey humpers, Pushups

Run pickle

Round 4: Overhead should press, lunges, plank jacks

Bear crawl

Round 5: Chest press, step ups (EC), big girl sit ups- Didn’t make it to round 5.

Run pickle

Ended work out with a 99 second plank.

Thanks for joining me ladies!