It was a crisp night for a work out to celebrate on the eve of FIA’s ninth anniversary.
Warm up Dash high knees, but kickers, jumping jacks, yoga Vinyasa ( upward dog/downward dog/triangle pose), Phelps.

The thing

the PAX partnered up and we alternated between PAX A AND PAX B with one performing a static hold while the other one ran about 100 m away to perform 22 reps of a “huddle” exercises. Once the PAX returned they switched roles so that each had a turn.


1. Handstand or modification of ( which was challenging but actually kind of fun!)

2. Wall sit

3. plank

4. Boat

5. Canoe

6. Left side plank

7. Right side plank

8. reverse plank

9.  downward dog


1. 22 Carolina drydocks

2. 22 sumo  squats

3. 22 plank jacks

4. 22 Burpee‘s

5. 22 Glut bridges

6. 22 Froggers

7. 22 tricep dips

8. 22 superwomans

9. 22 zebras

We ran out of time for a “ring of fire” but did a little stretching at the end as we did namarama  and welcomed Reebok’s 2.0 Hop Hop