Disclaimer & Warm up

inchworms/calf stretches, windmills, arm circles/ phelps,JJ

The Thang;

9:11 Mosey over to the hill for 9 min 11 sec of Catch Me If You Can Bear Crawl; Crab Walk down

Partner 1 starts bear crawling, while Partner 2 completes 10 Monkey Humpers, runs to catch Partner 1  Swap; Continue until time


Bottom of hill: Squats / Squat Jumps

Top of hill: Blast off Push Ups

Mosey back to shelter

110’s: Dora Style w/weights  – for the 110 floors of the WTC

Step Ups 

Partners: Partner 1 completes 10 Renegade Rows HC while Partner 2 does Hallelujahs on knees; swap & repeat, Partner 2 starting where Partner 1 left off until a total of 110 is reached 

Stopped for time! 

110 Step Ups HC & Wall Sit 

110 American Hammers hc (cumulative) & lay on back Hold weight straight arms over chest  – legs up; lower 1 leg at a time 

COT:“Even the smallest act of service, the simplest act of kindness, is a way to honor those we lost, a way to reclaim that spirit of unity that followed 9/11.”

~ former President Barack Obama 

Name o Rama