Stretched at the Senior Center Parking lot then ran to the ropes course parking lot as part of our warm up.

I already had 4 cones setup around the full parking lot in the shape of a diamond for our 7 of Diamonds workout

You do 7 of the first exercise at each cone, 14 of the 2nd exercise at each cone, 21 of the 3rd exercise and 28 of the 4th exercise.



carolina dry docks

squat jumps

mountain climbers (HC)

once we got to the 4th round of 28 reps of Mountain climbers we went all the way back down and ran the opposite way around the diamond.

once we wrapped this we ran over to the stairs for a 5 min AMRAP

10 skaters

run stairs

10 plank jacks

we then ran back to the senior center parking lot for abs

5 min AMRAP

8 tuck ups

8 plank up/downs

8 bear plank bird dogs