It was our first dark night workout since the Time Change and it was cold! We did a traveling warm-up around the parking lot including jogging, high knees, butt kickers, skipping, lunge walk, hip openers and some arm circles while walking.


The Thang: 4 sets. With each set we did 60 seconds of an upper body, lower body and core exercise and 2 minutes of cardio. Then we repeated the set doing 30 seconds of each exercise and 2 min. cardio. Trying to stay warm and keep our heart rate up,  we only took about 45 seconds rest after we completed one full round before moving to the next set of exercises.

Set 1:Hand-release push-ups, squat jumps, rotating plank and jump rope for cardio.

Set 2: Dips, lateral lunges, full sit-ups and step-ups for cardio

Set 3: Jab-jab-upper cut-upper cut, monkey humpers, flutter kicks and toe tap burpees for cardio

Set 4: Carolina dry docks, single leg oil rigs, 90 degree toe taps and skaters for cardio